Spokane Gymnastics has Dance!

Wednesdays at 5:15pm with Coach Tucker

1 hour class focusing on break dancing and hip hop

$30 annual membership

$180 for 13 weeks of Gymnastics - December 10 - March 23 with break for the holdays December 23 - January 5.


A basic introduction to break dance and hip hop, this class includes simple top rock, floor work and power moving; including back-spins, hand-spins and more!  Perfect for all ages and abilities with a focus on rhythm during this fun and physical work-out. 

Tucker has been doing acrobatics for years and likes to free-run and do parkour.  A break dancer for over 9 years, Tucker is the founder and leader of “Paper Cutout Crew,” Spokane's premier break-dancing group.  Tucker is passionate about dance, practicing 15 – 20 hours each week and has competed in many national competitions.