Trampoline and Tumbling Program

March 21, 2015 - 12:30pm Warm-Up
Trampoline & Tumbling! 
We have many levels of classes, options and commitment; from beginning to Tumbling and Trampoline Team.
Trampoline and Tumbling is different in the sport of artistic gymnastics where the athlete trains and performs on only three apparatus; Trampoline, Double Mini and Floor/tumbl track. 
It is a great opportunity for gymnasts who have a passion for the sport of gymnastics, but do not want to focus on bars, beam, rings and pommel horse.
Athletes learn air awareness, progressive tumbling skills, strength and coordination, as well as flipping and twisting safely.
Coach Betsy Bryntesen started coaching in 2007 and taught Trampoline and Tumbling for several years at World Elite Gymnastics in California, the premier Tumbling and Trampoline program in the country which consistently produces nationally and internationally ranked athletes.
For an evaluation as to level recommendations, please set up an appointment with Coach Betsy.
Trampoline and Tumbling Team practice is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.  Athletes may sign up for just one practice per week but we highly recommend both. 
We will utilize our new Eurotramp Trampoline (the same trampolines used at Nationals!), Spring Floor, Air Floor, Tumbl Trak and Double Mini Trampoline!
If interested please contact Betsy at to set up an evaluation!

T&T Team did awesome at their 1st meet of the season in Tacoma! A great learning experience & a lot of fun! 


Sidny placed 1st in her age group, 2nd all-around in level 5 tumbling!

2nd in her age group on trampoline & 3rd on double mini! 

Congrats Sidney!


Reagan placed 2nd in age group on double mini & trampoline level 5! 

Congrats Reagan! 


Kali placed 2nd in her age group for tumbling level 4! 

Congrats Kali! 


Bryson placed 2nd in his flight for tumbling level 4!

Congrats Bryson! 

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